The next meeting of the Republican National Committee is July 12-15, 2016 in Cleveland.

The Republican National Convention is July19-21, 2016.
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The Republican National Committee meets four times per year, all over the country.  I am a member of the Conservative Steering Committee which meets in the days prior to each RNC meeting.  It was at a CSC luncheon that met and chatted with the late Justice Antonin Scalia.  A cherished memory for me. 

Although I am not a member of the Standing Committee on Rules, I am active in the group, led by Virginia Committeeman Morton Blackwell, that works to keep the Rules of the party relevant to the Republican grass roots. 

In 2012, I pledged to move the RNC away from the practice of beginning the presidential campaign season in the "carve out" states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.  Finally, in November, 2015, Chairman Reince Priebus announced that maybe it was time to reconsider that tradition.  My goal is to somehow make Wyoming a meaningful player in the presidential nominee selection process. 

The RNC has a Committee on Resolutions.  At the 2014 Winter Meeting of the RNC, I sponsored a Resolution in Support of Western States Taking Back Public Lands.  My Resolution was co-sponsored by 13 other states - three more than needed to automatically pass out of the Resolutions Committee unamended.  On the floor, the members of the RNC passed the Resolution unanimously.  

The RNC has announced the co-chairmen of the Platform Committee:  Wyoming's own US Senator John Barrasso, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and North Carolina US Congressman Virginia Foxx.

In addition to myself, Cheyenne resident Dick Shanor will be representing Wyoming on this important committee.

We will be in Cleveland on July 10th for a Platform Committee orientation.  The Committee begins formal deliberations on Monday, July 11th.  We are scheduled to work for two days and are prepared to go longer if necessary.

Several forces are already at work.  One group wants the Platform significantly shortened - it is currently 60+ pages.  This group wants the Platform reduced to "timeless truths" - an effort I supported and successfully put forward at the Wyoming Republican Convention in April, 2016.

Another group wants to take the current, conservative Platform and turn it into a document that is more moderate.  Their theory is that a more moderate Platform will broaden the base of Republican voters.

The third group wants to maintain the conservative Platform, arguing that the Republican party is a Conservative party.

Stay tuned for reports from Cleveland!



Whereas, The federal government promised all newly created states – in their statehood enabling contracts – that it would transfer title to the public lands; 

Whereas, This promise to transfer title to the public lands is the same for all states east and west of Colorado; 

Whereas, The federal government honored this promise with Hawaii and all states east of Colorado and today controls on average less than 5% of the lands in those states; 

Whereas, The federal government has failed to honor this same promise with MT, WY, CO, NM, AZ, UT, ID, NV, WA, OR, CA and AK and today still controls more than 50% of all lands in these states (more than 80% of the state of Nevada); 

Whereas, The Supreme Court of the United States declared these enabling act contracts to be “solemn compacts” with enforceable rights and obligations on both sides; 

Whereas, In 1976 the United States Congress ended its nearly two hundred year public policy of beneficially transferring ownership of public lands by passing the Federal Land Policy Management Act (FLPMA); 

Whereas, Public lands previously held in trust for the individual states were managed for their resource value prior to the passage of FLPMA; 

Whereas, After the passage of FLPMA our public lands are instead being managed perpetually for their conservation value; 

Whereas, Local state and national economies are all being adversely impacted by the loss of use of the natural resources thus being managed; 

Whereas, Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT), Secure Rural Schools (SRS), and other public offsets are financially inadequate, have been unreliably funded and do not adequately compensate the States for the breach of their Enabling Acts; 

Whereas, The United States Supreme Court case Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs, speaks to the proposition that the Congress cannot by subsequent, unilateral action alter or diminish the rights conferred upon a state in consequence of its admission to the Union; 

Whereas, Under the guise of “sequestration” to cut federal expenses, the federal government is cutting western states’ revenues in the form of PILT, SRS and FML (Federal Mineral Lease) cutbacks; 

Whereas, States east of Colorado pay billions each year to subsidize western states to not use their lands and resources to educate their own children and care for their own communities; 

Whereas, Western states already manage millions of acres of state lands generating more revenue with less expense and less environmental damage in general than federally managed public lands; 

Whereas, The National Association of Forest Service Retirees recently issued a paper describing the unsustainability of current federal forest management practices; 

Whereas, The resulting increase in catastrophic wildfires is needlessly killing millions of animals and destroying habitat and watershed for decades; 

Whereas, Western states are incurring inordinate expenses to suppress forest fires related to failed federal forest policies; 

Whereas, The federal government discourages capital investment and job creation by taking 10 times longer to approve energy development permits than states where the federal government honored the promise to transfer title to the public lands; 

Whereas, The Institute for Energy Research discovered in 2013 that there is more than $150 trillion in mineral value locked up in federally controlled lands; 

Whereas, Opening 8% of the coastal plain of ANWR in Alaska would provide billions of dollars to the Federal treasury, create more than 500,000 jobs nationwide and add between 9-16 billion barrels of oil to our nation’s supply; 

Whereas, In 2012 the United States Government Accountability Office testified to Congress that there is more recoverable oil in UT, CO, and WY than the rest of the world combined locked up in federally controlled lands; and 

Whereas legal analyses by the Sutherland Institute and The Federalist Society conclude that the intent of the parties, the text, and the context of the statehood enabling acts, obligate the federal government to dispose of public lands; now therefore be it 

Resolved, That the Republican National Committee calls upon the federal government to honor to all willing western states the same statehood promise to transfer title to the public lands that it honored with all states east of Colorado; and 

Resolved, That the Republican National Committee calls upon all national and state leaders and representatives to exert their utmost power and influence to urge the imminent transfer of public lands to all willing western states for the benefit of these western states and for the nation as a whole. 

Chief Sponsor:
Marti Halverson, NCW of Wyoming
January 24, 2014




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