Awards and Rankings

The American Conservative Union, 2015 Conservative Achievement.  Scoring an 80%, Marti was one of only nine Wyoming Representatives to be recognized by this national organization.

The Wyoming Liberty Group, which ranks Wyoming legislators on their votes for or against many liberty oriented criteria:
In 2016, Marti was ranked #2 in the House.
In 2015, she ranked #1 - making her the most liberty-friendly representative.
In 2013 and in 2014, she ranked #3.

In the 2014 Republican Platform Ranking, she was one of only three representatives who scored a "1 - Most aligned with the Platform."

Republic Free Choice also ranks legislators on their votes for small government and individual liberty.

In 2016, Marti scored a perfect 6.  The House average was 3.95.
In 2015, Marti scored a perfect 6.  The House average was 4.27.
In 2014, she scored a 5.  The House average was 2.8.
In 2013, she scored a 5 also.  The House average was 3.1.

WyWatch Family Action tracks the votes of legislators on issues related to traditional religious and family matters.  Marti has scored 100% in each of her four years in the legislature.


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Republic Free Choice, a Cheyenne-based think tank, annually tracks the votes of all 60 representatives and 30 senators.  On their 2013 Wyoming Liberty Index, I ranked #3 in the House.

Chief Justice Marilyn Kite addressed the opening of the 2014 legislative session and referred to Senate File 104 as the "elephant in the room."

SF104 was the 2013 bill that stripped the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the "general supervision"  over education in Wyoming.

I voted NO.  Twenty representatives and nine senators also voted NO.  This law has since been ruled unconstitutional.  We await some finality on this issue, which might include a Special Session of the legislature during the 2014 interim.


Also during the 2013 session, we had a bill to increase the fuel tax by 10¢ per gallon in Wyoming.  I voted NO.  One of the arguments brought in favor of the tax hike is that "other states do it" or "surrounding states have this."  That argument rarely works for me.


The Wyoming Liberty Group assembled the 2013 votes on six "Key" bills.  I voted for liberty five times.  The one exception was HB223.  In the last few years, both Star Valley Medical Center and St. John's Hospital needed to recruit CEOs, and I did not think the names of the applicants should be published.  Although HB223 was directed at the UW president search, under this bill, our hospitals would have been compelled to disclose the names of those who submitted applications.  How awkward in the case of local applicants, employed elsewhere.  The "open records" laws in Wyoming provide exceptions in the matter of "personnel" and I voted NO to publishing the names of UW president applicants.

As to Senate File 29, Senator Leland Christensen's hitchhiking bill, this was an easy AYE vote for me as an inveterate hitchhiker-pickeruppper.  Anyone who drives the Snake River canyon as often as I do picks up the paddlers.


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