House District 22 includes communities in Lincoln, Teton and Sublette counties:  Alpine, Bondurant, Star Valley Ranch, Daniel, Etna, Freedom, Hoback, Wilson and Nordic Ranches.

I was elected in November, 2012 and am running for re-election in 2016.  In the legislature, I serve on the Judiciary Committee.  In my first term I was also on the Travel, Recreation, Wildlife, Tourism and Cultural Resources Committee.
During the interim between sessions, the committees meet to take up, in depth, topics that need to be addressed prior to the next session.
This interim, the Joint Judiciary Committee, Chaired by Representative David Miller (Fremont County) and Senator Leland Christensen (Teton County).  The 2016 meeting schedule is:
April 27 & 28, Rock Springs
September 22 & 23, Torrington
November 14 & 15, Location TBA
    Follow the work of Committee #1 here:

Topics of study in 2016 will be:

Priority #: 1         Opioid Abuse
The Committee will receive information on opioid abuse and consider potential options to address drug overdose fatalities.

Priority #: 2         Review of Marihuana Laws
The Committee will review statutes relating to marihuana possession and use including the need for legislation on edible marihuana products.  The Committee will carefully consider the results of the Governor's Council that studied marihuana impacts in Wyoming.  The Committee will consider concerns over implementation of the law that would result from Wyoming's ongoing ballot initiative regarding marihuana. 

Priority #: 3         Criminal Justice Reform
The Committee will receive information and consider legislation to address sentencing, probation and parole reform.

Priority #: 4         Post-Conviction Actual Innocence
The Committee will receive information and consider the need for legislation to allow a convicted person to file a motion for a new trial to hear evidence proving innocence of the crime. 

Priority #: 5         Sex Offender Registration Funding
The Committee will examine options to fund maintenance and operation of the Sex Offender Registration, from sources other than state funds. 

Priority #: 6         Jail Placement Coordination
The Committee will consider potential options and legislation to authorize coordination of jail placements, including placement of Wyoming prisoners in county jails or out-of-state prisons and authority for county jails to accept out-of-state or out-of-county prisoners. 

Priority #: 7         Agency Reports and Updates
The Committee will receive reports and updates from the Department of Corrections, the Courts and the Attorney General's Office, including the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Victims Services Division required by law. 

Priority #: 8         Exchange of information regarding child abuse.  
The Committee will study the exchange of information regarding child abuse and neglect with the Department of Defense .



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